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You can lodge Self Employed Worker Certificates of Service for your clients who are registered as workers with the Corporation.

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Self Employed Worker Certificate of Service
The form used by a self employed worker (sole traders or those who are in a partnership) to report assessable income and prescribed costs. These figures are used to calculate days of service to be credited for a financial year.

A person who carries out building and construction work in NSW. Workers covered by the Building and Construction Industry Long Service Payments Act 1986 are those who carry out construction, reconstruction, renovation, alteration, demolition, maintenance or repairs of or to any of the following: Airfields, aqueducts, breakwaters, bridges, buildings, chimney stacks, cooling towers, docks, drilling rigs, fences, gas holders, works for water supply or storage, harbour/river or water course improvements for the purpose of navigation, jetties, irrigation works, navigational lights/beacons or markers, piers, pile driving, pipelines, railways, roads, sewerage works, silos, swimming pools, transmission of electric power, transmission of wireless or telegraphic communications, tunnels, viaducts and wharves. It includes structures, fixtures or works for use in, or in conjunction with, any of the above and site preparation. Work is not restricted to onsite work; it also includes some offsite work.

Tax Practitioners Board (TPB)
The Tax Practitioners Board administers the registration of tax agents in Australia. For more information please refer to www.tpb.gov.au

Tax Agent Number (TAN)
A unique number allocated to tax agents when they are registered by the Tax Practitioners' Board